Mystic Girls Club
4,444 unique, cute, algorithmically generated NFTs

Living on the Solana blockchain with an expansive roadmap.
The focus is on giving back to charity and celebrating females in the NFT space.

Public Mint available in...


$MYSTIC Tokenomics

  • Staking your MGC NFT will earn you $MYSTIC utility tokens passively
  • Tokens can be used to summon pets, change traits, and more


  • Gain new traits through airdrops
  • Buy new traits with $MYSTIC
  • Change your NFT appearances
  • Mystic DEX to buy/sell your trait NFTs

Companion NFTs

  • Be airdropped 1 Mystic Boy for every Mystic Girl owned
  • Mystic ritual to create Mystic Babies with $MYSTIC


  • Summon Mystic Pets with $MYSTIC and play minigames
  • Go on quests and missions to earn rewards
  • Level up and gain exclusive traits

Charity & Community

  • Donate part of the proceeds to charity
  • There will be a focus on empowering women
  • Mentoring program to help artists launch their own NFTs
  • Collab with artists to enhance MGC


  • Expansive Mystic World with land as NFTs
  • Buy land and buildings with $MYSTIC
  • Trade and form alliances with other players
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Long ago, girls from across the world started manifesting mystical powers. They received mythical gifts from the Mystic Goddess. Some underwent physical changes granting them unique features. At the same time, some gained strange, powerful abilities.

The folks praised and worshiped some of them, while most were shunned and exiled. Alone, they felt. One by one, these girls found one another, and they formed a community, a club. They found solace in each other.

The Mystic Girls Club, they called themselves. Now, the Mystic Girls want to help other communities who have felt marginalized or overlooked by society so that no one would feel as helpless as they once did.

  • Phase 1 - Q4 2021

    Minting and MGC Charity Fund

    - 4,444 Mystic Girls available to mint with ~200 traits. Number is subject to change, as we plan to burn unsold.

    - Donate part of mint proceeds to charities that focus on empowering women

    - 25% of secondary sales royalties goes to the MGC Charity Fund (MGC holders can submit a proposal to donate part of the fund)

    - Check the rarity of your MGC NFT traits on the Mystic Girls Club website

  • Phase 2 - Q1 2022

    Utility Token and NFT Customizer

    - We will create the MGC Utility Token ($MYSTIC). Each Mystic Girl NFT can generate ten tokens per day.

    - Use your $MYSTIC for a range of benefits, including changing the name and lore of your Mystic Girl. More usage will come soon.

    - Start the first cohort of the MGC Mentoring and Collab program, where the MGC team will work with up-and-coming female artists to launch their NFT projects.

  • Phase 3 - Q2 2022

    New Traits DLCs and Companion NFTs

    - There will be new traits to customize your Mystic Girl.

    - Traits are NFTs that remain tradable or sold until they are applied and become bound to your Mystic Girl

    - Mystic Boys and Mystic Baby:

    - 8,888 Mystic Boys, with 4,444 airdropped to MGC holders. The rest will be available to mint.

    - Create a Mystic Babies NFT by combining any 2 Mystic parents, regardless of gender.

  • Phase 4 - Q3 2022

    PvE Adventure Game and Pets

    - Higher rarity traits give more initial stats and a higher level cap

    - Summon Pets with $MYSTIC tokens to help you on your adventure

    - Pets have rarity and stats which will affect battles and mini-games

    - Spend $MYSTIC tokens in Training, Quests + Battles to gain stats, traits + other goodies

  • Phase 5 - Q4 2022

    Artist Traits Series

    - Collab with female artists to release their artwork as part of MGC DLC Traits

    - Artists set the price and get a 70% of the sale

    - We will work with a few select artists first in the Alpha stage as we develop the platform

    - MysticDEX - a marketplace where you can browse, preview, and trade traits

  • Phase 6 - 2023

    Mystic World

    - A mystical and enchanted world where you can own a piece of land as NFT

    - Each piece will have unique resources, climate, and effects

    - Build cities, farmland, trading post, and other infrastructures

    - Form alliances with other landlords to bring peace and prosperity or to become the one true ruler of the Mystic World

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Help empower young women to step up as leaders of change

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Help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty

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Harbor House

Help provide safe shelter and basic crisis services to women and children hurt by domestic abuse

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Help advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls

  • Melancye


    Our resident, brilliant artist from Russia!

  • Xecaith

    Product & Marketing

    Undertook 4x internships during uni ranging from software development to consulting. Been working full-time as a Software developer for the past 2 years at one of Australias most competitive tech companies.

  • Lustrumi


    Software engineer with 12+ years of experience. Currently working on AI at a FAANG company. Wrote our smart contract, server, and NFT generations

  • TuTuTulip


    Helping out with marketing and logistics